What You Can Expect

I use an approach of "grounded innovation" to support people in making the shift from being
High Achievers to becoming Happy High Achievers

I will work with you to visually chart your course from now to what's next.  You will leave with a map of your values, a clear vision, plans for action, and the support to face obstacles so that you achieve your goals

People leave every encounter with me knowing more about themselves, and how they fit into the world.


 What My Clients Say

“I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Stacy and attend some of her training programs. She is an excellent leader and superior coach. She launched and drove some high impacting programs. She can be very valuable asset to any organization in driving change. Thumbs up for her.” July 31, 2011

Devendra AlimchandaniSenior Manager, Global Service Delivery Management, Yahoo!

“I highly recommend Stacy. She delivered high quality product and she was a great resource for generating ideas and solving problems. I will look forward to the opportunity to hire her for something important some day soon!” August 1, 2011

Dean ChabrierSenior Director, Human Resources, Yahoo!

“Stacy created a global career development program at Yahoo! almost from scratch and never shirked from this complex task. Her drive to help others, her openness to different perspectives, and her commitment to using both of these skills to create and to manage the program left a lasting impression on the company. Her sincerity, knowledge, and commitment to results would make her an asset to any organization.” August 1, 2011

Ron BellVice President & Deputy General Counsel, Yahoo! Inc.

“I've had a privilege working with Stacy on a Talent Management process/systems project as well as seeing her in action as a facilitator and coach of a career development session. As a facilitator and coach, she has a unique ability to inspire and engage her audience and open their minds about possibilities they never imagined before. As a project lead, Stacy added value in numerous ways through her expertise, flexibility, creativity and professionalism. I strongly recommend Stacy and hope we will have an opportunity to collaborate in the future.” August 5, 2011

Olga BraylovskiySenior Director, HR Solutions and Program Management, Yahoo!

“I had the great fortune to experience Stacy's career development program at Yahoo!. She is simply the BEST career development person with whom I've ever worked. Stacy has developed a ton of novel, useful tools, based on her years of experience and academic research. If you're wondering whether it's worth spending the money with her, the answer is "yes". You'll learn invaluable things about yourself, your objectives, how to be your best, and how to have a fulfilling career.” August 6, 2011

Anne HogeVice President & Associate General Counsel, Mobile, Connected TV & Payments, Yahoo! Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my collaboration with Stacy. As a leader focused on helping people and teams reach their full potential, she always brought an insight or view point to the conversation that changed and elevated it. Seeing her in action, both as a leader across Yahoo and within our own small team, I can confidently say that Stacy lives up to her claim of helping to create happy high achievers. She is passionate about her vision and helping others find theirs. I would highly recommend Stacy.” August 10, 2011

Brynna DonnSr. Manager Learning Technology, Yahoo!

“Stacy was the head of employee development at Yahoo! Her two main focus areas were New Employee On-boarding and Career Development. Stacy was responsible for the number one Talent and Org Development driver of employee engagement - and did a great job of increasing the results of our pulse survey. Stacy is an effective collaborator, excellent presenter, and fantastic executive coach. Yahoo! will miss Stacy and I wish her great success.” August 11, 2011

Eric Davidove, PhDSenior Director - Talent Development, Yahoo!

“Stacy is a really great listener with an ability to really make you think outside the box about resolving any type of problem. She is attentive and energetic with a genuine desire for you to find a solution that works best for you. Maybe not the "right" answer but the one that really taps into your true passion and desires. She is inspiring in her own right and leaves you with a feeling that it will all work out.” November 16, 2010

Leone Patterson, Vice President, Finance, NetApp

“Stacy is truly one of the best trainers and career coaches I have encountered-- inside and external to Deloitte. I have taken several of her career training/coaching sessions and have found them personally valuable and helpful. Because of this, I have had Stacy deliver coaching sessions to the nonprofits Deloitte partners with in the community. She has happily and willingly offered her professional skills to help the nonprofit sector-- often on her own time. She has a genuine desire to give back to the community at-large. Stacy is my most requested trainer and I highly recommend her.” August 28, 2009 

Juliana Deans, Northern Pacific Community Involvement Leader, Deloitte Services LP

“Stacy is an amazing coach. She has keen insight and is able to deliver direct feedback in a way that made me want to be a better leader. She also was able to guide me to the important issues and coach me towards a better result. I constantly think about the advice she gave me and use it on a daily basis.” August 25, 2009

Annette Reavis, HR Business Partner, Deloitte Services LP 

“First we were colleagues at Deloitte Consulting. Later, Stacy was my coach and mentor. Through the years, I’ve experienced her effortless approach, her ability to quickly size up any situation and her wise and calming presence. At the heart of it all, she is a compassionate intellect who truly cares about each client and each situation. Her quick intelligence, perceptiveness, humor and kindness underlie highly effective coaching and leadership skills that ultimately empower. Without doubt, she’s exceptional.” March 11, 2009 

Jane Stenehjem, Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP 

“Stacy is one of the most insightful, creative, visionary people I know. Her extensive consulting and coaching experience allows her to quickly get to the heart of an issue and create targeted coaching interventions to achieve business results. Her aptitude, intellect and communication style instill a sense of trust and confidence in her abilities, and allow her to effectively partner with business leaders. Stacy is never afraid of a challenge and will never disappoint.” December 4, 2008

Neena Newberry, Director of Performance Management and Career Planning, Deloitte Services LP 

“Stacy is a skilled strategic partner and program designer. Her business acumen, creativity, intellect and conceptual skills enable her to connect multiple concepts and ideas, and then synthesize them to create powerful and meaningful new programs. She is also a polished facilitator, and challenges her audiences to reach their greatest potential.” November 23, 2008

Kiersten WolfProfessional Coach, Deloitte Services, LP

“I recommend Stacy as an exceptionally creative and effective leadership and life coach! Her deep insight, courage and absolute commitment to her coaching clients make her a role model as a coach. She also has an insatiable apetite for learning and further development. I expect that any client she works with will find her to be a truly powerful catalyst for accelerated and positive change.” October 20, 2008 

Gil JardineManagement & Leadership Development Coach, Deloitte Services LP 

“Stacy is an amazing facilitator and coach who helped me find clarity and focus during a career ownership workshop. She also advised me prior to a series of Networking sessions that I co-facilitated for many of Deloitte's West Coast offices - which were a big success partly thanks to her advice! Stacy is sharp, impressive, well-respected and very effective at what she does.” September 29, 2008

Grace GravestockChange Management Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“I consider Stacy an invaluable asset to any project or discussion. As a partner and coach, Stacy enables others to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe way and assists others in coming to decisions that are correct and appropriate for the individual. As a business partner, Stacy's extensive experience and insight in business and in coaching allows for unique, creative solutions that are highly valuable and relevant and ensure that the desired outcomes and insights are met.” October 30, 2006

Samantha RaniereManager, Deloitte Consulting LP

“Stacy has a unique combination of passion, professionalism and imagination. We worked together to help craft an approach to organizational development that engages hearts as well as minds. Stacy lead a number of exercises that brought out everyone's best insights, plus she coined a number of phrases that to capture the essence of our approach. I am delighted to endorse her.” September 7, 2006

Jon Dale, Managing Partner, Fountainhead

“Stacy helped our team get focused on our mission, vision and values and translate that into actionable goals and a blue print for success. She was masterful at asking probing questions in a playful and respectful way. We've also found ourselves using Stacy's tools and techniques with our own clients - so we were able to give to others a bit of what Stacy gave to us.” November 12, 2004

Cathy LeonardDeloitte Services LP

“Stacy's work was powerful -- the group was visibly moved by her sessions. She exposed us to relevant models and tools, leaving us with resources we could refer to later; engaged us as learners intellectually, emotionally, kinesthetically; and fostered confidence in us, encouraging practice of our new skills. Most important, she modeled behaviors that she spoke of in her interactions with us.” November 2, 2004

Debbie Rough-MackThe State of Washington, Department of Personnel


“Stacy has the ability to read the situation and either train or coach her audience in a meaningful way. Her stories are right on point, and she does a marvelous job of getting her audience to "see" what they need to do to build their confidence and competence. Stacy walks the talk and she's contagious. Thanks Stacy for your guidance.” October 20, 2004

Bev TafoyaThe State of Washington, Department of Personnel

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